You may think it is just an invite design, for us it is an opportunity to brainstorm, and our way to creatively express your brand. 

Making the ordinary, extraordinary.

Dental Experts, Abu Dhabi

Dental Experts needed a simple but catchy invite design for their official launch party. With minimal time on our hands, we needed to find a solution that looked good, was cost efficient, and added a little touch of glamour to the dental sector. 

The invites were designed and printed with a silver foil blocking to give an element of elegance to the invitation. 

The envelopes were purchased as off the shelf envelopes to help us with time management and limit delays on production, but they were tailored with bespoke stickers at the back to bring a little fun to the invites.


El Donia Helwa, Abu Dhabi

El Donia Helwa are an Abu Dhabi based women’s group that believes in letting go of what we expect our life to look like & instead focuses on celebrating our life for what it is. 

They believe that one woman can make a difference, but together they can truly bring about change. 

They are hungry to surround themselves by women who see things the way they do, who want to learn, grow, and evolve. 

And their mix of backgrounds, makes them a melting pot for all things health, wellness, fashion, food, and most importantly, self-love. 

Brandly Works was responsible for creating a logo for the group, their overarching message, bio and key messaging, and a brand identity and invite designs for their two events held in Abu Dhabi.